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Fabulous video. I'm practicing being wrong and not letting that stop me from taking more actions. My tendency has been to get to hide and get smaller after making some mistakes that hurt people. I'm ordering your book - is it only available from Amazon? I usually order from Bookshop but can't find it there.

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Is that Bookshop.org? My local Bookshop has copies but I don't think there's a way to do direct publishing on Bookshop.org. When I had a chance to ask Russell Brand if I should put my book on Amazon and dance with the devil (even though it was everything I was against) he said, "Dance with the devil but don't go home with him."

However, that's a good prompt to look into IngramSpark, which is the distributor bookstores order from. That might also make it available to Aus & NZ, where people haven't been able to get it. THANK YOU for the interest in ordering it!

And thank you for the compliment. That's so hard, making mistakes that hurt people. I feel like that's our biggest challenge in going forward--admitting we've made mistakes that hurt people we love. If you can be a forerunner in that, I think the whole world would be grateful.

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If you are an unpaid subscriber, like me, at least go over to YouTube directly and click “like”. This will raise Tereza’s visibility, In a way that clicking through to her video here doesn’t.

It also pops up other interesting videos on the same topic.

Tereza - thank you. I enjoyed this article. I don’t know what anything is for… And believe everything is both a lesson to learn and the opportunity for me to practice forgiveness.

When I listen to this I had all kinds of things I wanted to say, none of which I remember now.

But I went on to Katherine Schulz‘s TEDx Talk on being wrong. You’ve both given me plenty to think about.

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